CCATES collaborators participate in the XIII National Meeting of Health Economics promoted by ABRES

The 13th National Meeting on Health Economics, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Health Economics (ABRES), was held on 30 and 31 August 2018 at Fiocruz/Brasília. The theme of the meeting was “Austerity, Health and Democracy: challenges and threats to the SUS”. On the occasion, representatives and authorities of the area presented some studies and considerations regarding the current scenario of SUS and its main challenges.

Professor Augusto Guerra, coordinator of CCATES, gave a talk on the challenges of Pharmaceutical Assistance in Brazil, especially regarding the access to medicines, together with Fabiola Sulpino of IPEA and Vânia Canuto of the Ministry of Health.

At the poster session, some work developed by CCATES collaborators was also presented. Collaborator and graduate student Isabella Zuppo presented preliminary results of her master’s work entitled “Medical care and profile of users of atypical antipsychotics dispensed in the Specialized Component of Pharmaceutical Service.” Carolina Zampirolli, also a collaborator and a master’s student, presented the results of a discussion held during an international panel on models of pharmaceutical service of several countries, promoted by CCATES/PPGMAF in March 2018. The work presented was titled “Advantages and disadvantages of adoption of a model of Pharmaceutical Service based on the contracting of private pharmacies in Brazil”, based on the models presented in this panel.

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