Course of Advanced Methods in Pharmacoeconomics

CCATES, in partnership with the Center for Regional Development and Planning (CEDEPLAR) of the Faculty of Economics of the UFMG and experts in the field, will hold a course on Advanced Pharmacoeconomics Methods at the Faculty of Pharmacy of UFMG. The event will take place from August 13th to 17th of 2018 and aims to study the main methods of economic evaluation of medicines (AEM) and its application in the management of medicines in the health system. Modeling techniques and the main aspects of decision-making models for economic evaluation will be contemplated, as well as discussions about the process of evaluating the financial consequences of adopting a new health technology.

The course will be taught by reference professors in the areas of health costs, public expenditure analysis, health decision models, health value and market consequences, extended cost-effectiveness analysis, threshold, budgetary impact and other related issues.

Interested parties may register by email, sending their full name to

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